Plaza Inn – Food Review

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ANAHEIM, CA – During spring break, I had the chance to try one of Disneyland’s classic dining restaurant, the Plaza Inn. Located at the very end of Main Street U.S.A., near the entrance to Tomorrowland, this historic restaurant serves traditional homestyle American food with cafeteria-style service. In addition, the Plaza Inn is one of the few locations on property that offers character dining (only available for breakfast).

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Supposedly, the Plaza Inn was Walt Disney’s favorite restaurant in the park (formerly the Red Wagon Inn) and it is easy to see why. Upon entering the restaurant, you will immediately spot the beautiful chandeliers and elegant designs that truly harken back to the turn-of-the-century atmosphere. Furthermore, the Plaza Inn provided a place for Walt to accommodate his important guests. Back then Walt’s important guests would have discovered a VIP lounge, a wet bar, a private bathroom, and smartly jacketed doormen at the entrance. The lavish Victorian-era design creates an opulent backdrop to nicely complement your dining experience. Another interesting tidbit is that Walt’s wife, Lilian Disney designed this restaurant, handpicking many of the Plaza Inn’s authentic 19th-century interior furnishings. Be sure to look out for the Victorian stained-glass ceiling, marble foyer, and ornate gingerbread woodwork, which all originated from an old historic Los Angeles mansion. Based on what I have heard, the Plaza Inn is famous for their fried chicken so that is what I ordered.

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Fried Chicken Platter ($14.99)

The Plaza Inn’s specialty, the fried chicken platter, comes with 3 huge pieces of their famous fried chicken, fried to a golden brown and seasoned with distinctive herbs and spices. The fried chicken is also served with mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuit, and a mixture of vegetables. In short, this selection certainly lives up to its reputation. The amount of food that you get is fair. Furthermore, the fried chicken is fried to perfection and the meat is really tender and not too dry. Additionally,the buttermilk biscuit and mashed potatoes are prepared correctly and nicely compliments the chicken. The quality of the fried chicken is definitely notches above the typical fried chicken that you would find in a Hometown Buffet.

In addition to fried chicken, the Plaza Inn also serves slow-roasted beef pot roast, and a variety of pasta including penne and chicken-pesto Alfredo. Reservations are available and annual passholder discounts are valid as well. Moreover outdoor seating is available, offering a nice spot for people watching and allowing you to catch a glimpse of the parade passing by.

Enjoy American dining in a grand Victorian setting only at The Old Standby.


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