La Brea Bakery Cafe at Downtown Disney – Food Review

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ANAHEIM, CA – Recently, I had the chance to try the La Brea Bakery cafe for the first time at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, CA. The only other La Brea Bakery that exists is the original one located in the heart of Los Angeles, which opened way back in 1989. Conveniently located near the two Disney theme parks, this bakery and cafe joint is

separated into two sections: take out on the left side and restaurant dining on the right side. The dining area is actually outdoors with a canopy and a set of patio heaters at night. I had the opportunity to try a good portion of their dinner menu (lunch menu differs): hanger steak sandwich, ham and pineapple pizza, grilled turkey club panini, clam chowder (which was their soup of the day), and their salad.

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The service was very solid for the most part and the waiters and waitresses were friendly. At first glance, the pricing seems a tad too expensive for the general public but let’s be real this is located on Disney property where prices for just about everything are inflated. I would bet that finding a comparable counterpart inside the parks would result in similar prices. Complimentary bread is included and AP discount is valid for this restaurant. Overall, I would be happy to recommend this place to anyone looking for other high quality dining options not located inside the parks.

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Hanger Steak Sandwich ($16.25)

The hanger steak sandwich, which was the entree that I ordered, featured chimichurri, balsamic onions, arugula, heirloom tomato, telera roll, and french fries. Honestly, this entree tasted better than I had expected. The steak was juicy, tender, and cooked to the right temperature. The chimichurri no doubt enhanced the flavor and taste of the sandwich. The decision to use telera rolls for the sandwich was a great idea and a perfect match for the other elements (especially the steak) in the sandwich. In addition, you can substitute the fries for salad. Overall, I really enjoyed this delicious steak sandwich.

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Ham and Pineapple Pizza ($16.25)

This pizza contains thinly sliced ham, pineapple, jalapeño, mozzarella, and marinara. I was not as impressed with this selection due to the fact that it tasted just all right. The ham and pineapple pizza tasted like California Pizza Kitchen’s version of the same pizza. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great choice for pizza lovers but I would order something else from the menu.

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Soup of the Day – Clam Chowder in a bowl ($8.95)

The soup of the day in bread bowl was out for the day so this was the next best thing due to fact that we could use the complimentary bread to complement the clam chowder. The clam chowder tasted fantastic and was not too salty. I would definitely recommend this soup if you ever see this on the menu. Overall, the awesome combination of the complimentary bread and the soup was delicious.

Photo Feb 16, 8 09 12 PM

Grilled Turkey Club – Grilled Paninis ($16.25)

Finally, this grilled panini tasted simply awesome. I would probably order this the next time I eat here. The salad was fantastic too and tasted fresh. I thought this panini tasted better than the ones at Panera Bread. This selection contains oven roasted turkey, applewood smoke bacon, avocado, vine-ripe tomatoes, lettuce, provolone, mayo, and country white sourdough.

Final Thoughts
Eating at the La Brea Bakery Cafe was a pleasant experience that was better than I had anticipated. This is one establishment that I will be returning to in the near future. Guests tired of in park food should venture to this nearby dining joint and try out a selection from their menu!

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