Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Cameo in ‘Frozen’


Disney has been known to feature quite a few easter eggs in their animated films. For instance, you can find Pumbaa (The Lion King), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and the Magic Carpet (Aladdin) when they appear during Quasimodo’s song “Out There” in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

With Disney’s latest animated effort, Frozen, hitting theaters last week one more easter egg has been revealed. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider appear in a split-second shot during Anna’s number “For the First Time in Forever”. Tangled director Nathan Greno confirmed the pair’s appearance when an anonymous movie-goer sent in a screenshot of the scene to him. Here is the shot containing our two favorite Tangled characters:

So if you plan to catch Disney’s latest in the coming days, don’t miss out on this new easter egg! Frozen is one of the year’s best films and you can catch my review in the coming days. Also be sure to check out even more Disney cameos in Frozen here.

Hat tip to Cartoon Brew

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