Review: Starbucks’ Butter Beer – Cold/Hot

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I first heard about Starbucks’ butter beer from a friend. Initially, I was skeptical but sure enough the online community was soon talking about this secret menu item. Having tried butter beer a total of 4 times now, I thought now would be a perfect time to write up a review. The first time I tried Starbucks’ butter beer was at my local Starbucks.

The barista had no idea what butter beer was so I had to read off the ingredients. This is what most people will probably have to do: read off the ingredients (you can find them here). I had anticipated that I would have to pay a premium for this special drink but I only paid $2.95 for a tall which is not bad at all. The price definitely varies for each location and I anticipate that most of you guys will pay more than that.

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Essentially, this is the frappuccino version of butter beer. The cold version of this drink tasted pretty sweet as I had expected. It is unquestionably strong in butterscotch and contains an overwhelmingly amount of toffee nut flavor. The flavor is pretty much how I imagined it to be when I was reading the Harry Potter books. If you have a sweet tooth then this is definitely the drink for you. As for the hot version it tasted pretty much the same as the cold version, except only sweeter. Personally, I prefer the cold because this was how I always imagined what butter beer would be like: cold. The first time you try this drink, you’ll probably feel happy because you’re finally drinking butter beer. Upon subsequent drinks, this butter beer frappuccino loses its appear and luster. In short, it has a very limited repeat value. This is a very sweet drink folks! Let this be a warning to everyone!

A final note worth mentioning is that you want to make sure the barista uses the correct ingredients. One of the cold butter beers I ordered was at my campus’s Starbucks which is mostly operated by student baristas. Most of the baristas here are familiar with the butter beer order so I didn’t have to list the ingredients this time. My guess is that this is a popular drink among students right now. I don’t know what this flustered barista put in my drink but it was definitely not in line with the correct ingredients. For one thing the caramel drizzle was missing, but the final product tasted sweeter than the regular version. A sprinkle of salt was also added to this version. In short, it was a horrible drinking experience (didn’t finish it) and was beyond sweet.

In case you missed my earlier butter beer post with the ingredients, you can check it out here.

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